i murgini - cosa facciamo

What we do

We are Apulian organic farmers who scorn the pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other tools that have become synonymous with high-yield agriculture. Our mission is to produce the highest possible quality of food in optimum quantity and seeks to co-exist and work with nature rather than to dominate it.

And the result is genuine, simple and natural food  full of traditional flavour and all produced without synthetic pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers.

Our soils are fertile because they are full with microorganisms and organic substances. By contrast, chemical fertilizers and pesticide deplete soils of nutrients  and contribute to make them sterile as  they create an imbalanced soil environment unsuitable for a healthy soil food web, leading to compaction, weeds, pests, plant sickness and a whole host of problems.

For this very reason, we have definitely banned the use of phosphines from the food chain and have adopted a ‘natural’ solution for storing organic cereals and lentils. Thanks to high temperature that kills insects, we can guarantee high levels of food security.

Apart from producing and selling organic cereals and lentils we also turn raw materials into organic part-finished products..

i murgini - perchè lo facciamo

Our mission

Our mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle that is in tune with our natural environment. This leads us to a better life and a sustainable future for the next generation. We want to guarantee you genuine and healthy food, and carefully track food origin and security along the entire supply chain from farm to table.

Our Certification