I Murgini, Apulian Farmers

Healthy and natural eating represents the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle in order to prevent diseases and achieve a better quality of life.

This is the reason why we are organic farmers who grow their products organically and sustainably.

We turn raw materials into organic part-finished products in order to feed our mindful consumers with high quality products .

Every day at work we aim at:

  • reducing air pollutant emissions
  • renewing the organic soil fertility
  • protecting the environment;
  • producing healthy food.

These are the key-features that bring our products innovation and inspiration to discover their real taste!


Agribox - The farmer's basket

The Agribox is a homemade full one-dish meal featured by simplicity and quality.
It can be an idea for a healthy and quick appetizer, a cheerful break and a daily meal.
It is Apulian food that recalls the southern-Italian region’s culinary traditions, smell and beauty. It is
healthy and good food. It is a sensory and emotional experience, a thing of the past.
It is quality food and if you choose such food you make an ethical choice and sympathize with this territory,
the peasant and with the hand labour. it is food that mesmerizes, whets, touches your heart, approaches
you and connects with you.
This reminds me of an event that happened last summer.
One hot afternoon a couple of English tourists came to the farm and turned to me in English; as I do not
speak English at all, I did not get what they wanted: whether they needed information about the route or
were looking for a place where to eat. So, I hosted them, made themselves comfortable and made them
take a seat. Soon after, I spontaneously waited on a tray of bruschette together with two glasses of wine.
They were very grateful as they exchanged that gesture of mine with big smiles and a wave of their hands.
But, I grasped that the meaning of those tokens of appreciation were far beyond the simple gratefulness.
Indeed, they were struck by the simple goodness of the food I had waited on the table: the bruschette meal
discovery was as intense and satisfying as the natural exploration of the park. I was confident of this as
they looked at me stunned, overwhelmed and wiped out by the extravirgin olive oil, oregano, cherry
tomatoes and bread’s fragrances. For a long time we used our head to say yes or no, to smile, frown, and
wink and, even if we did not understand each other, we were happy anyway.